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Locally Based Company


Established in 2004


Unique Experience




We're here for you


Ultimate Tours Inc. is your connection to a hassle-free, inexpensive, action-packed sporting event! We have been providing individuals and groups with innovative ways to attend sporting events since 2004.


Before the creation of Ultimate Tours Inc., anyone who wanted to see out-of-city sporting events faced the inconvenience of high prices, long drives, and finding their own accommodations. Ultimate Tours transforms the average person’s idea of an out-of-city trip, and hands it to them on a silver platter.


With the aid of Ultimate Tours, anyone who wishes to can very easily get to a sporting event…even if the event is sold out!


When you decide to go with Ultimate Tours Inc. you’re not purchasing travel services, you’re purchasing an event!


Sports – It’s what we know


You don’t have to be a die-hard sports fanatic to enjoy a night out at a game! Ultimate Tours Inc.  makes it easy and inexpensive to join in on the fun and get caught up in the excitement of a live sporting event! Not everyone’s favorite team is based in his or her city (Go leafs Go?), but thankfully world-renowned teams are only a short drive away. These are teams that others can only dream of seeing; for example, historical teams such as the Montreal Canadians, Montreal Alouettes, Toronto Maple Leafs, Toronto Blue Jays, and the Toronto Raptors. All are within a 5-hour drive.


The honest truth is if you are a sports fan, and you have a favorite team, we can get you the tickets.


Does Ultimate Tours Inc. Sell Travel Services?


All travel services purchased on this site are handled and paid directly to Centre Holidays. Ultimate Tours Inc. is a sports events company that plans and puts together events. Any travel that is incorporated is handled directly by Centre Holidays Inc.





“I'd never been to football game before going with Ultimate Tours and now, I’ll never go without them! The price was unbelievable and the whole thing was just so well organized. Can’t wait until my next UT trip!"


Michael Bradley

“Ultimate Tours runs a great trip to see the Senators in Montreal. There is nothing better than going on the road to the sold out Bell Centre to see the Senators in action. Good times, great people and avoids all the hassles of finding tickets and getting to Montreal. I will definitely be back over and over!”


Dave Van Villet

“Buffalo in January - Not your typical Mother/Daughter event but it was the best time of our lives. Steve and the gang at Ultimate Tours delivers a unique & memorable experience. I HIGHLY recommend this trip for any Father/Son that share a love of football. Well worth the money. It will be a trip you never forget. ” 


Diane and Brittney Underwood