9:30am – Downtown departure time at The Senate Sports Tavern located at 33 Clarence St. Ottawa, ON, K1N 5P4

5:30pm – Arrive at Cambridge Holiday Inn Boston

6:30pm  – Shuttle to Jays vs Red Sox game.

* it is the responsibility of each individual to make their own way back to the hotel after the game





2:00pm– Depart from hotel to Sam Adams Brewery

5:00pm– Return to hotel

6:30pm – Complimentary shuttle to downtown Boston



11:30am– Depart from hotel to head home to Ottawa

7:30pm – Arrive back in Ottawa (traffic and border wait depending). 



Trip FAQ's


1. What do we need to bring to cross the border?


Everyone requires a passport to cross the border. If you do not have a passport you cannot get on the bus.



2. Are we allowed to purchase alcohol at the duty-free? How much alcohol are we permitted to bring back to Canada?


You are welcome to purchase alcohol at duty-free, however, no alcohol is permitted on the bus.

If you purchase alcohol while in the U.S. it cannot be brought back to Canada. If you have alcohol left at the conclusion of the trip it must be consumed or dumped prior to crossing the border. 


No alcohol is to cross back to Canada. If there is any alcohol on board and the CBSA discovers this they will perform a full bus inspection. This could potentially delay our arrival by upwards of two hours.



3. Is drinking permitted on the bus?


Drinking is permitted. Please remember that you must respect the individuals around you. Individuals that display aggressive or rude behavior will be ejected from the trip.


4. Can we bring our own drinks?


No one is to bring alcoholic beverages on the bus. Due to past experiences, we no longer allow individuals to bring their own alcohol on the bus. We do, however, purposely undersell every trip to allow for hosts and coolers with alcoholic beverages at the front of the bus. The drinks are provided at a reasonable cost. This also allows us to control the intake of alcoholic beverages.


Our main goal is to provide each individual with a carefree trip that is enjoyable for everyone. 



5. Will there be food on the bus?



We will be making a stop on the way to Boston for food.



6. What time should we expect to arrive back in Ottawa?


Depending on traffic and border crossing time you should expect to arrive at the drop-off location at approximately 7 pm.


If you have any additional question please contact us via email and we will respond as quickly as possible!


Looking forward to meeting all of you!

Trip Itinerary & Event Details 


33 Clarence Street Ottawa, ON, K1N 5P4

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