Ultimate Tours Terms and Conditions


All sales are final and no refunds will be issued after a trip has been purchased. If you cancel one month (30 day) prior to the event a credit will be issued for the full amount that can be applied towards a future event.


By signing up for an Ultimate Tours Inc. event you agree to the following:


  1. Ultimate Tours is not liable for lost or stolen articles during the tour or articles left behind after said tour.

  2. Any individual that causes interior or exterior damage to equipment/venue is liable for the cost to repair any such damage as well as any cost for loss of the carrier’s service due to such damage.

  3. The driver and/or tour director has the right to eject any disruptive person who is abusive, poses a safety threat to other passengers, or any person who engages in the use of illegal substance.

  4. Each individual in solely responsible for his/her safety while on the tour; at the completion of the tour and at all venues throughout this tour (Ultimate Tours does not imply any travel insurance).

  5. The purchaser agrees that the individual, if intoxicated, will not operate a motorized vehicle after leaving the tour.

  6. If weather conditions render a trip not possible to depart and is thus cancelled the total amount paid for the trip will be refunded less the cost of any game tickets.

  7. If a game is cancelled due to weather conditions while a trip is in progress customers will be offered a 10% discount to be applied to a future event (no refunds will be issued).

  8. If for any reason a customer is not accepted at the boarder it is the sole responsibility of that individual to find his/her own transportation back to departure destination.

  9. If an individual is not present at the time of departure from any destination while on a trip Ultimate Tours Inc. will wait a maximum of 15 minutes before proceeding with event itinerary. These departure times include, but are not limited to, original trip departure, highway stops, trip transfers, game day transfers, and return departures.

  10. The act of signing up for this event relieves Ultimate Tours and its employees from any liability and responsibility for any claims for injuries, loss, damage, liability criminal or civil litigation for the undersigned individual arising out or relating to a tour.

  11. If a NFL game is moved to an earlier or later time due to FLEX SCHEDULING Ultimate Tours will alter the trip as needed to make sure the trip is ran. If this is not possible Ultimate Tour reserves the right to cancel the trip.


Privacy Policy:


Ultimate Tours respects the privacy of our clients and recognizes the need for appropriate protection and management of your personal and corporate information. We pledge to keep confidential the private information that you provide to us.


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